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WWDC 2011: iCloud, Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5

Finally! After weeks of waiting punctuated by rumors all the more plausible than another, the time of the WWDC is finally here.  iCloud, Mac OS X Lion , iOS 5, the news has linked at breakneck speed and you will able to find a little lower a compendium of everything that was said by Steve Jobs and other stakeholders. And all we can say finally is that we will get our money ... So on your marks ... get set .... Go!

Mac OS X Lion, full of new and very competitive mini

So good, it's been a while we hear of Mac OS X Lion , we know many things about him, but Steve and his friends have still taken the time to talk again ... Basically, So, Mac OS X will bring approximately 250 new Lion. It obviously does not list all here because it would be much too long and it would make you cry blood, we will therefore focus on slamming the most functions.
To begin, Mac OS X Lion bring the multitouch gestures on MacBook trackpads (any variety confused?) and the Magic trackpad. This will make it possible to scan the surface engineered to move from one window to another and we can also expand very quickly web pages displayed in Safari. Cool. In the same vein, Photo Booth will now be able to track the user's face in real time. Phil Schiller then proceeded to demonstrate operation of the Launchpad or from Mission Control. These features have already been mentioned in a previous article , I invite you to go visit to learn more about the subject.
Still in the family of functions that could improve our lives, we also find Resume and Auto Save . Their operation is fairly simple Resume will allow us to regain our applications in the state where they left (no need to reopen our files) while the auto save will make sure to back up our files continuously. In a sense, it works just like Time Machine, but in real time. Another nice feature is Air Drop , a tool that will allow several collaborators working on the same network to share files easily. Most applications native to Mac OS X will benefit from saving a facelift. This is particularly the case of Mail .
Obviously remains the question of price and availability. As the rumors suggested, Mac OS X Lion will be distributed via the Mac App Store in July . The file weighs something like 4 GB and it will cost $ 29 (and 29 euros) to take advantage.
What I think: In all honesty, the announcement of Mac OS X Leo I was not more excited than that. Certainly, it will integrate the functions are promising, it is a fact, but we have finally learned not much. As for the price, of course, the next operating system the company will be very accessible, but it's fairly logical since Mac is frankly not given.

iOS 5, arrival notifications, widgets and many other things

In his time, the iPhone was a revolution and then we saw lots of flower mobile inspired them greatly. And then after a while, some manufacturers have decided to offer original products.Since then we have witnessed the advent of Google Android Phone or Windows 7, so iOS began to lag significantly behind the competition. The objective of iOS 5 is therefore clear, it is simply to reverse the trend and dusting the myth.
We'll start with the notifications because it is ultimately one of the biggest news of iOS 5.Contrary to what could suggest the strange picture we talked about earlier in the day, the notifications will not appear in a dedicated bar but rather a dynamic icon . This will see the number of mails, appointments to come or SMS that we have not yet responded. Suffice it then click on the icon to access the Notifications Center , an application dedicated to the display of notifications. The record is pretty clean but note that we can also access this tool by scanning the screen from above. Yes, just like Google Android, we fully agree. Interestingly, the notifications will also appear on the iPhone lockscreen.
Other big news, Twitter is now natively integrated in IOS and in all its applications (address book, sending photos, sending video, etc ...) . Well, again, it was a rumor that persisted for several weeks. Which will undoubtedly be of interest to all those who consume a lot of digital periodicals, it is the arrival of a dedicated application and like every feature to iBook: NewsStand. Apparently, a new section will also be entered on the Mac App Store.
If you're a fan of task managers, then you will no doubt be pleased to know that another application will make its debut on iOS 5: Reminder . The latter looks a bit like a notepad 2.0 which allows you to create tasks or assign locations and alarms to your notes. Super. Same thing, the iPhone 4 meeting quite popular with amateur photographers, Apple decided to go a step further and allow users to easily take a picture by pressing the button "volume up" on the portion of the device. Positive, this button will also be active since lockscreen device. It can also lock the autofocus and exposure settings and more will be offered. IPad owners are not forgotten as iOS 5 will allow them to change their keyboard. It will be possible to opt for the traditional keyboard, in a block, or to a keyboard divided in two parts . Convenient to all those who are used to grasp with both thumbs.
A novelty that might be of interest to most people is the arrival of a new application of IMcompletely inspired by that of RIM. Two users will be able to communicate in real time together and share photos, videos or contacts. Interestingly, it is also possible to conduct group discussions, an ideal function for employees and workgroups. Further note that this tool will operate as 3G wireless, of course ...
So much for the outline. In all, five iOS offers over 200 new models. The thing that should also appeal to a lot of people is the ability to synchronize with its iTunes ... iDevice wireless .And yes, Apple has finally understood that the cables tend to spoil our life and the firm has decided to please its users. In the same vein, mirroring can also operate wirelessly, so you can watch video from the iPad on his television without having to connect to each other. These are the props that will be happy, like ...
Further note that iOS 5 will be available OTA (Over The Air) and there will be no need to plug its iDevice to their PC or Mac for his update. Just point out in conclusion that iOS 5 work with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad 1, 2 iPad, iPod Touch 3G, 4G iPod Touch and it comes out this fall for all world. Be careful though, because iTunes "on the cloud" is available now or in the coming hours. So we will be able to watch it a little closer and that's good.
What I think: Again, no big announcement loud. The notification system was sorely lacking and that is to iDevices Apple fixes it but still expect better than that coming from Apple. Same thing for synchronization and mirroring wireless elsewhere. Finally, what we can see is that all the functions that will soon be integrated iOS 5 are long been available on Cydia. That said, it will still benefit from some improvements handy as the story of the volume button or IM.

iCloud, synchronization to all Devices

What we can say is that Apple has really taken its time to launch its service in streaming of music listening. Amazon and Google have already entered this market and we were wondering what was waiting for the bitten apple do the same. Finally, upon reflection, the firm has done well to take the time to fine tune its service since it goes much farther than competing solutions.
Already, you need to know is that icloud work with all possible content: files, contacts, documents, emails, etc.. We can easily retrieve them from one device to another seamlessly.Additionally, MobileMe will bow out. And attention, friends, because the good news in this story is that icloud is completely free ! There, I admit, I'm already talking about a lot more ... But to think that icloud is a simple synchronization tool would be a mistake. Indeed, this solution will also be able to save the entire contents of your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad with a dedicated application. This will allow applications to quickly find and buy the entire contents of a iDevice to another. Everything will be automatic and transparent to the user.
In fact, to summarize the concept in a nutshell, icloud opts for universal synchronization.Whether you have a Mac, PC or iDevice, you can find your work environment from one device to another without you scratching your head. It is a change of strategy in the history of the firm since all applications will be redesigned for the occasion. A bit like Photo Stream , an application dedicated to managing files, that can be found on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Finally attention because the pictures will be saved only for 30 days. If you want to keep, you will need to slip into one of your albums. Same for Pages or Keynote.
Or iTunes. And yes, we suspected that Steve was going to save the best for last, eh ... If icloud enables you to synchronize your calendar, your documents or your emails, contacts and photos, you will also synchronize your music. But be careful because apparently this only works with purchased titles ... (actually no, see below!). And this is the case for now ... To balance your songs in the cloud, it can simply open iTunes, go to the album of your choice and click on the icon that is fine. Music lovers will enjoy probably the slight redesign of the IOS and iTunes for AAC support 256 Kbps.
Finally, we can state that icloud offer 5GB of storage space for all users and it will land next fall.
Oh, and "one more thing of the day, friends, is finally the best news of all: Apple will launch a specific service, iTunes Match , which allows you to enjoy your personal music in the cloud.Operation is very simple, the tool will scan your hard drive for your music and offer you the opportunity to listen through the catalog offered by Apple. A catalog that has no less than 18 million titles. ... All for $24.99 per year ! There, okay, there is something severely beam and it was well worth all the rest, like ...
What I Think: On paper, everything is beautiful, everything is rosy, but note that it is necessary to go through the applications of the firm to take advantage. Quite reasonable, but Apple could have gone further by proposing a Dopbox-like.


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