Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rumor: possible update on the new iOS 5

The next developer conference organized by Apple, will open in 48 hours! The menu, the icloud, Mac OS X Leo and most importantly, a major upgrade of the mobile Apple iOS 5, presented by Steve Jobs himself " at the opening of the 2011 edition of the WWDC.
Pending further information, rumors are rampant. But what we too serious for us to sink your teeth? What can we find hope in this new version of IOS, stamped 5, knowing that Apple will inevitably be some surprises?

Here is a list of "what is said" to wait another few hours, devour their iPhone without impatience.

A notification system redesigned

The interface can iOS has evolved with some year, but the reporting system, designed in 2007 and mainly used for the arrival of an SMS or to choose a Wi-Fi, took a big hit with old .If the uses of these semi-transparent blue bubbles have proliferated, Cupertino has Jamai sjugé useful to give flat style of interface, in consequence, many programmers in Cydia took precedence by offering more tweak or less successful.

Today, everything suggests that the interface tweak MobileNotifier (available on Cydia for jailbroken devices) could serve as an inspiration to Apple. And for good reason: the developer of this tweak was mysteriously removed from the web a few days ago, (read:MobileNotifier Peter Hajas more or less confirms that he works for Apple ). AppleInsider revealed yesterday it had received confirmation of the arrival of Peter Hajas in Cupertino in Division Applications & Frameworks IOS. But this job is not it a bit late for a presentation of iOS 5 in 48 hours? The Cupertino company she worked with Peter Hajas already? Answer Monday.

Voice Recognition

Question voice recognition: the rumors point to a much deeper integration of speech recognition in iOS 5. Since iOS 3, Apple added a bit of voice recognition, but it remains limited. Thus, Cupertino have the desire to go much further in Android. Thus, the company would have entered into discussions with Nuance holds numerous patents essential for Apple to integrate such technologies in IOS, as in Mac OS X Lion. Apple does it go as far as proposing the interface where the entire system is controlled by voice, but where you can also replace the keyboard to enter text by speech recognition?. Again, only a few hours to wait for more.

One more push-Twitter Integration

Micro blogging site more than ever the wind in their sails, and rumors of integration of social network application iOS 5 Photos swollen for several weeks. The mobile system from Apple would be able to send pictures to Twitter directly from the library of his mobile terminal. John Gruber ( analyst) recently confirmed and half-word information and even further: the network would be integrated at all levels of the system. A hypothesis confirmed today by blogger Robert Scoble .

What can we expect from this integration? Apple could easily offer its own Twitter client, let alone integrate the official client applications include basic IOS, it's not the kind of home.Nevertheless, well imagine integration with Safari mobile twitter, or integration with the iPod on twitter say what you hear. Apple may be good just to integrate Twitter into a new notification system ...

The arrival of widgets in iOS

By the way, some years ago on computers, and revived by today's Android recent months, the widgets could well experience a third life in IOS. Here are several videos that show the various possibilities for managing these new modules: icons and widgets that blend (top) or a Mac OS X Dashboard which is based on that default Mac OS X Lion (below) .
One can also imagine a mixture between the rows of icons and files iOS Windows 7 Phone dynamics using dynamic icons. The idea is attractive on paper, but given the limited size of the iPhone screen (3.5 inches), the set could quickly become a problem ...
The end of the support of the iPhone 3G
This new update iOS 5 would require at least one chip and would exclude A4 Apple makes the iPhone 3G. We remember the difficulties iOS 4 to manage the iPhone 3G, and Apple may wish to avoid repeating this mistake. Remains that the iPhone 3G is still on sale so far ... Apple could offer a limited version of iOS 5 with only a few novelties. Or a special version of iOS 4 enriched unlike some new iOS 5 ..


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