Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Time Capsule running iOS on a A4/A5-processor

The Apple Stores stock seems Time Capsule, AirPort AirPort Extremes and Expresses a bottoming out. That led to speculation that sometimes new products are announced at WWDC. Internally, Apple are building new Time Capsule to test the software updates for Macs and iOS devices can store. So you can easily update without having to wait. Ars Technica has heard that the new Time Capsules technically more on the Apple TV will appear. They get an A4 or A5 processor and run on iOS.

That allows Apple to get more advanced features in the device to be introduced.

Our own source tells Ars thats the revised hardware is Believed to be built around Apple's own A4 or A5 processor, and compromise must run iOS much like the recent Apple TV model.
Apple would be easier with a processor and operating system iCloud services can link to local storage within your own network. You would be taking content from iCloud caching time capsule, so you quicker access to movies and you can stream them without stuttering. Some Time Machine functions would be moved even by iCloud. In addition, also the rumor that iOS 5 finally allows wireless syncing to iOS, so you immediately back up your iPhone to your time capsule.Most importantly, that you do not have to synchronize a specific computer.


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