About Us

iPhone help and Tips site is your source for iPhone insights, reviews and how-to’s from non-fanboys.

We began writing about the iPhone back in December 2006, when it was only a rumor.
This page gives you a little information concerning the our team as it presently stands - I say presently as we are always looking for additional writers that can assist us in delivering Latest News.

We believe Apple’s iPhone is in many ways truly revolutionary, but it’s not perfect and we are not afraid to point out its downsides.

We are always actively seeking contact from individuals who share our passion for technology and gadgets and who consider themselves not only to have their finger on the pulse concerning the latest consumer technology news but who have a proven ability concerning writing informative, detail driven prose for a readership that are tech savvy and looking for a reliable, discerning source for the very latest technology and gadgetry news. 


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