Monday, March 14, 2011

MyWi 4.0 4.61.1 OnDemand Free[crack]

MyWi, software popular with geeks in mobility, has changed for some time in a very nice version.
For a long time, it was very difficult to find a functional version Cracked, even if only to test all the features without being subjected to a time pre-determined.


Version 4.61.1 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Wortel]


- Support for Verizon 4.2.7/8
- Added option for Adhoc vs Infrastructure for iOS 4.2.6+
- Fixed Active User Count for iOS 4.2.6+
- Fixed data usage not correct when using status bar icon
- Fixed Not Initialized Needs Respring Error (occurs after sometime)

Download 4.61.1 Patch

Version 4.53.1 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Wortel]


- Fix for OnDemand detection of WiFi connectivity


Download 4.53.1 Patch :

Version 4.51.1 released ! Crack is out !!


- Fix for iOS 4.2.6 (Verizon Phone) 

MyWi 4.51.1 **FULL**

MyWi 4.51.1 **PATCH**

Step 1: Update MyWi with Cydia and then install the patch ! or
 Update your MyWi with Cydia, then run the patch (install the deb-file).
Step 2: Reboot (Respring will bring up "Save Mode" !)
Step 3: Done
Step 4: Uninstall the patch with Cydia (not needed any more)

install the deb-file (as usual) with WinSCP/Cyberduck/Terminal/iFile etc. 

Installation with /Cydia/Autoinstall will NOT work
(app needs internet connection during install connection is broken during reboot!)
install with iFile

"Normal" MyWi and New MyWi OnDemand are not compatible !

Respring AND Reboot after install.

To activate OnDemand download the Trial license inside MyWi (will never expire)

More details on MyWi On Demand can be found here, and you can check out the promo video below.



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