Saturday, June 4, 2011

Automatic Download: iOS 5 will automatically update your applications

MacRumors discovery of a new  iOS 5 function appeared briefly in iTunes:Automatic Download . As its name suggests, this function will automatically receive updates to its applications on iTunes and / or your iDevice without having to download them manually. You can always disable this option if you do not want to update some of your applications.


This discovery was made ​​by a reader of MacRumors ( and confirmed by the site before the page is removed ) by running the search for updates to applications in iTunes. A page referring to this new role has emerged in place of the application to update. You could read "If your camera has automatic download enabled applications, your updates will be downloaded to your device without having to sync. It is not known yet if this function is only for applications, or if it will work also with latest iOS.


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