Friday, June 3, 2011

Attractive iCloud Logo and Price

Unlike Google and Amazon, Apple has chosen to approach the major labels to launch a more comprehensive service than its competitors. So far, EMI, Warner and Sony were already supporting the project of the firm and according to recent rumors , so it's Universal, which decided to join the adventure. Knowing that he produced many artists, among which we mention Lady Gaga and U2, we can say that this is good news since icloud may well benefit from a comprehensive catalog rather similar to that proposed Spotify.

Obviously remains to discuss the issue of price. According to the latest sounds dated corridor, there was talk that icloud be offered free to anyone migrating to Mac OS X Leo but we have learned through the LATimes that reality might be different. Indeed, according to them, icloud could be offered free initially (test period) but it would then pay a subscription of around 25 dollars a year to continue enjoying it. Note that a service like Spotify costs around 120 euros per year for those who enjoy the premium formula. In this context, offering from Apple would be more accessible and enable the company to better position its service meet leaders of this type.
Finally, we will end this article with a note a little lighter. The curious dragging around the Moscone Center in San Francisco would indeed came face to face with what looks like the logo icloud . And it's no surprise that one discovers that it has the shape of a cloud .... Okay, sure, it's not a crazy originality but still had the note. Moreover, for those who are wondering where does the first image that illustrates this article, you must know it has been found in AppAdvicebut unfortunately we do not know if they are the perpetrators.


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