Sunday, June 5, 2011

iOS 5 Keynote: A Concept Greater Than Life

Apple and its products can unleash the passions, for sure. You have people ready to sell a kidney to get the latest iPad, others who do not finish protest the company but nobody is really irrelevant. And inevitably, all these conflicting emotions are exacerbated when approaching a new element. The WWDC scheduled for June 6 is no exception to the rule and some designers have even inspire them to realize their own vision of bringing about Keynote iOS 5. Yes and you will be able to discover in the rest of the article is more a concept than life imagined by Federico Bianco.

A concept which finally centralizes all the rumors circulating about the next major version of IOS, which also benefits glaring truth of images to better illustrate. From the sixth slide, and the tone is given with a notification system built into the famous "lockscreen" of our iPhone.Notifications rather nice to watch and you can view both the latest mails that appointments made ​​in the calendar on your mobile (and no, no dynamic alerts at this time) . Same also for missed calls, SMS or the cotnrôles iTunes.
A little further from the eleventh slide, Federico adds a layer with these famous widgets we hear from a little over a week now. Those who have already had the opportunity to get their hands on a androphone will also feel right at home as this is exactly the same, enabling users to add on one sa widget for weather or others for easier access to social networks of the iOS screen.
Our ingenious designer has even taken the concept too far in imagining a supplemental battery that allows the user to access a very short time to all applications installed on your mobile.

At the thirty-fourth slide is that Spotlight is honored. However, no big surprise on this side. It is ultimately at the fortieth slide a new feature enters: the quick adjustments . Again, this is an idea inspired by what you can find on Google Android. It is indeed to allow the user to access the most common options without having to go through the phone settings. In a few slides, you can enable or disable WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, geo-location or adjust the volume and brightness of the device.
The following slides are interested then the application of image management. An application whose features are strongly inspired by those of iPhoto. Not stupid, after all, if Apple was inspired iOS for Mac OS X Lion, the opposite is also perfectly valid. The firm might be tempted to implement in its mobile platform functions directly from its system operation. It would be perfectly plausible. We particularly appreciate the new sharing options (slide 48) , different editing tools (slides 49 to 57) and the ability to access all information from our images(slide 64) . Complete several dozens of slides highlighting other interesting features (black list in contacts, options related to the battery, etc. ...) and finally ends with the icing on the cake, namely the integration of Spaces on iOS (slide 92) .
Well, now you can resume a normal life, leaving home, do your shopping and wait patiently until Monday to see if this concept is closer to the truth or not.  


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