Monday, June 6, 2011

iOS 5: A Leaked picture featuring a notification bar?

It is obvious, the photograph that follows is likely to be a fake but it is nevertheless interesting because it depicts what could be the future system tray proposed iOS 5 . As everyone knows, the big black dot on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad now is the absence of a notification system worthy of the name. For weeks, so everyone thinks that the next major version of the platform could come and make adjustments include (finally) a solution worthy of the name. And indeed, this famous bar at the bottom of the hour and the battery may well be the case.


Why? Just because this area is already operated by the current version of IOS. On an iPhone, when you take a call and that reduces to continue to use our phone, this is where that is housed the famous little mention allowing you to return your call as if nothing was. Very simple, very effective and there are also more or less the same thing on Windows Phone 7. In all cases, certainly, it is probably one of the most suitable place for displaying notices and Apple might well opt for this solution.
The whole question is then how would display multiple notifications . In all likelihood, it is unlikely that they are stacked one above the other. And for good reason, since it would interfere greatly with the display icons. Logically, if multiple notifications, they could just simply scroll through one after another. A slap in the area would then display a new home screen with all the notifications, this time one above the other. He would then press a notice to open the associated application. It would be simple, transparent and fairly intuitive to the user.
Another strange point in this image is the new icon representing the camera. In itself, this is not revolutionary, Apple has sometimes used to take advantage of major updates to its platform to review the icons of its applications, but it was really a fake, if this photo was staged, then one might ask what would the value of integrating a new icon. Of course, I'm not saying that this picture is real and it is well directed iOS 5, but it must admit that this detail is surprising. If I had to create a fake buzzer, I do not take me probably head to lay a new icon for an application that has nothing to do with what I want to stage . Similarly, we do not fail to notice that the temperature indicated by the icon dedicated to the weather application is expressed in degrees Celsius. Knowing that our American friends express in degrees Fahrenheit, we can assume that this photograph was taken (or edited) from a European iPhone.
M'enfin, we're still going to wait quietly for the keynote tonight but I must admit that this reporting system I like a lot ...


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