Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011: Halo 4 Trailer, Mass Effect 3 Demo With Kinect Integration

While the start of E3, the international exhibition of video game, was given yesterday in Los Angeles, Microsoft took the opportunity to formalize, at his press conference, the development of Halo 4 and to unveil the first trailer!
All gamers who have an Xbox 360 at home necessarily know Halo saga super exclusive to the console from Microsoft and who has dreams of millions of people around the world. E3 forces, the publisher has obviously done pleasure in unveiling the first trailer for Halo 4 . A trailer in which we do not see much (well nothing to be a bit more accurate) but should nevertheless be pleased to those who have spent hours and hours playing the first three albums.

This is not my case. Okay, I know many of you are aking me pointing and yelling at the infamy, but to be totally honest, I've played any Halo, not even the first. For fans of the saga, one can say that this fourth album marks the beginning of a new trilogy. For now, we do not know much and it will therefore be patient for a few more details about this track. What you should still say is that we really did not expect this trailer and this is probably why it has done so much feeling at E3 2011.
For the rest, you still specify that Halo 4 is not expected before summer 2012 , which probably explains why we have been entitled to an ordinary trailer. It will probably take several months before they can enjoy a show worthy of the name.

Mass Effect 3 is expected by many players and BioWare has taken advantage of the E3 2011to reveal a little more about what is undoubtedly one of the flagship titles for the Xbox 360.Yes and if you care about, then you probably have heard the story of the cursed jacket which announced the compatibility of the KINECTS title. The good news of the day, friends, is that the rumor was confirmed by the publisher: Mass Effect 3 will be played at KINECTS and you will discover later in the article a video that will allow you to see more about the subject.

What must be noted however, that the use of KINECTS in Mass Effect 3 will be limited mainly tospeech recognition . With this module, the player can decide himself replicas of his characters when several choices are offered in the dialogues. Its disposal should be encouraged and the player identify itself more readily to his avatar. The whole question is of course whether the voice recognition module will require special training or not. Because if it repeats the loop around thirty key phrases before you can play the title is not worth it.
But speech recognition is not limited only to dialogue ... No, you can also give orders to your teammates in battle and thus lead more easily. There, I admit, it's still a good idea because it can quickly become a mess when you have to simultaneously manage several different characters. Otherwise, for the record, we must know that the scenario of Mass Effect 3 will run quite around the Earth.
Not bad then, but it was not until March 2012 to take advantage of Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360.


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