Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Siri for the firt time in older iOS devices

Just three days ago was a video posted to prove that the new voice control named Siri on older IOS devices can be run. First time, the communications with the Apple servers was successfully carried out and fed the hopes of the many users. An early release from Siri stood on older devices, nothing in the way, the developers still have  Steven Troughton-Smith and chpwn decided against publication.
The reasons for these decisions were presented today in an article by chpwn explained in more detail. There is detailed attention to the copyright issues of the Siri port. The main reason for non-disclosure is to the right of Apple to its software, images or data on the IOS device. Because Apple can decide which files the user can use and which not. In our case, Apple has decided that Siri is available exclusively for the iPhone 4S. This means that a particular file on a device may not be distributed without the copyright to hurt.

Another problem exists also because the Siri files can either directly from an iPhone gejailbreakten 4S or obtained through the encrypted firmware. If in future there is a possibility the firmware file from the iPhone 4S decipher, could be carried out by exporting the necessary files very easily.

A small glimmer of hope still exist, however, because if in the near future is a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S available, could be published a guide for porting Siri on older IOS devices.



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