Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iOS responsible for more than 60 percent mobile Internet

According to new figures from Net Applications months , the mobile Internet via IOS rose sharply in October. Because of the increase came last month, sixty percent of all mobile traffic from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In October alone the increased traffic from mobile devices iOS and Android devices, while decreases occurred in other platforms.

In recent months, the number iOS online from 54.65 to 61.64 percent. This is the first time that the 60 percent transcends IOS: Since April, the figures fluctuated between about 50 and 55 percent. In October, Apple launched the iPhone 4S , something that may have helped increase the numbers. In October was guaranteed iOS 44.34 percent of the mobile Internet.
The figures show how much of the mobile Internet traffic comes from iPhones, iPods and iPads.However, this does not necessarily something about the popularity of these devices: it can also be related to Internet use iOS users over other platforms.


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