Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google Planning its own Gmail App for the iPhone

Apple is not ready to render any third-party netmail clients, but it might change thanks to Google. Google is reportedly planning on launching a Gmail app for the iPhone that may know already been submitted to Apple for substance, according to sources.

TechCrunch's M.G. Siegler has been wise by bigeminal sources that a soul Gmail curative for the iPhone is on its way, and providing Apple allows the app into the App Stock, it should be out presently. On his individualised blog, Siegler writes:

Of layer, if you're a Gmail mortal, you'll already be conscious that Google has a pretty pleasant HTML5 web app for managing your netmail statement, and you can also set up the iPhone's built-in Transfer app for Gmail. But there are whatever advantages to an iPhone Gmail app…

Foremost, the app instrument support you with button request alerts - something you cannot currently enjoy when using the Gmail web app. Secondly, the app testament push messages to your iPhone, message you don't hold to fetch them manually - as you do with the iPhone's built-in Communicating app. The authorized app is also foreseen to acquaint Google's Precedency Inbox suffice, and one-click starring of messages.

All we acquire to do now is await Apple's consent. Although the associate has previously unloved third-apps for providing functionality already forthcoming finished its own built-in apps and services, it denatured its nous on this when it began accepting third-party web browsers into the App Store. I don't see why a third-party telecommunicate consumer should be any diverse.


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