Wednesday, November 2, 2011

iTunes Match Launch Postponed?

When iTunes Match for the last one discussed keynote, Apple said the service "at the end of October" in the United States to launch. The month is passed and the beta of iTunes 10.5.1 has expired. A statement from Apple is still lacking0. MacRumors thinks learn: that would be sources have stated that the launch is only slightly shifted, to November.

The sources of MacRumors are convinced that iTunes Match is about to launch. Store personnel would be informed of the service so they know what they can tell customers.
iTunes is a music service that Match your iTunes library and looks over scans overlap with music from the store. Then get all your ripped tracks the same privileges as the purchased music in iTunes, for example by making them re icloud download on your iPhone. Match for iTunes, you pay $ 24.99 per year.
The October launch was first scheduled only for the United States. Sources have previously claimed that Apple's global music rights issues on October 4 out of the way wanted, what can point out that a global launch can not be long in coming.


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