Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siri Personal Assistant Soon to be Compatible With Older iDevices

However, it was already found out that the iPhone 4S is "only" equipped with 512 MB ​​and the jailbreak developers iH8sn0w has today announced via Twitter that Siri is not designed specifically for the A5 processor.Therefore we can expect in the near future on being able to use the new voice control on older devices.Of course, then this method also provided a jailbreak.

Furthermore, a first video was from 9to5Mac published, shows that the first integration of the voice control on a gejailbreakten Siri iPhone 4.The site has with the developer Steven Troughton-Smith worked together to provide the function for older devices.The complete interface is already displayed, with Siri and all functions can already recognize voice commands.The voice recorder works well and can be either via the virtual keyboard or used in the Siri interface.
The current main problem lies in the communications with the Apple server, because this is not logically authorizes the orders of an iPhone 4 hardware.Furthermore, one can see in the first video that the performance is left to be desired, this is a missing graphics driver that is already in the second video already exists and therefore a significant performance boost can be seen.

Although the voice control is not working properly, but there are good news for those who have not bought the new iPhone 4S.We will keep you updated on the status of porting to date and give you humble when Siri also available for older devices.


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