Sunday, October 16, 2011

No reception problems with the iPhone 4S - "Death Grip" resolved by new antenna system

The iPhone 4 debacle with the included antenna should actually still be known to everyone.Because many users have complained in the first few weeks of significant problems with signal strength of the reception, if you thought the iPhone 4 in the left hand.The receiver antenna in the frames were covered by the so-called "death grip" and this has caused the poorer reception.Then, each owner received a free "bumper" to improve reception.

On Friday, the new Apple smartphone's next to come on the market and an improved camera, voice control Siri and the more powerful A5 processor includes the iPhone 4S, a new antenna system.During use can change the phone when transferring and receiving between two different antennas to provide improved voice quality and faster data speeds.
The question naturally arises as to whether Apple also have a "death grip" fixed in the new iPhone 4S?
The pictured image clearly shows that the iPhone 4S is not affected by the problem and all interested parties without concerns regarding reception problems, you can pick up the iPhone 4S.The following video is all too clear again and visually demonstrated.


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