Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siri almost succeeded on the iPhone 4?

It only took a few days to achieve this. The developer Steven Troughton-Smith has worked intensely on the challenge set by some hackers of making a port of Siri , the wizard voice of the iPhone 4S. For now, Siri was increased without any problems. The interface appears as well on the iPhone 4S, the settings are by appointment. There is one snag, which has more than its importance: it does not work . It starts, no problems on that. But if you talk to him, he will not respond.

Indeed, as Siri connects to Apple's servers to respond to your request, it identifies here that this is an unknown model. The hardware is different from the iPhone 4S, Apple made ​​the connection. In the end, it came to nothing. This is where the hacker will have to work. It remains to determine how to convince servers that the iPhone is supposed to be a 4 4S. But on a final note, it is a good way forward. The project is on track to be finalized.


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