Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple introduces new iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod classic

Apple announced last night next to a new iPhone also two new iPods: a new iPod nano and iPod touch. Both music players are much like their predecessors, but do to stand out include new colors, lower prices and more storage. The iPod classic, although not mentioned in the keynote, get a small update.
The event was dominated by the iPhone, but a series of new iPods were a little bit counted. Often a new iPod announcement in September, something that probably shifted the launch date of the iPhone did not go through.

New iPod nano with 16 clock themes, colors and sports app

The new iPod nano looks a lot like its predecessor in appearance and is available in seven colors. The price is lowered, the previous 8 GB iPod nano cost $149 but for that money you get a 16 GB iPod nano. For the 8 GB nano, you pay only $129.
Although there is little in terms of hardware has changed on the iPod nano, the software is an update received. Icons are no longer shown on a grid, but are now in a carousel where you run through. The 16 new clock themes to iPod and watch more interesting. In addition, a new Nike + application on the iPod without added external sensor to use. The new firmware is to learn do not install the iPod nano in 2010.

iPod touch now in white

The new iPod Touch in the field of hardware are also almost the same. The A5 processor of the iPhone 4S does not yet seem to be present in the iPod. The most notable announcement was the new white version, the trend of the iPhone 4 looks set to continue. The new iPod touch is available from 189 euros, with a storage capacity of 8 GB.Would you prefer 32 or 64 GB, you pay 100 or 200 euros more.

More disk space on iPod classic

Although only the iPod nano and iPod touch were discussed during the Let's Talk iPhone event, also got the iPod Classic update. It has 160 GB of free space and is now on sale for $229. Earlier, the iPod Classic also has a higher capacity of 160 GB, but this was reversed by Apple to 120 GB.
The iPod Shuffle is still available and unchanged.
All new iPods since shortly after the presentation for sale via the online Apple Store . We expect Apple retailers in the course of the week the old range in their stores to replace


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