Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Official iPhone micro USB adapter device charges via USB cable

Yesterday unveiled the iPhone 4S is still just using the 30-pin dock connector. Perhaps somewhat remarkable, given in 2012 will become mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to a phone via micro USB rechargeable it. Apple has another solution for this: there is in the UK online Apple Store, found an adapter that allows your iPhone via a micro-USB cable to charge. Whether this standard with the iPhone 4S will be delivered is still unclear.

The micro-USB adapter is now through the Apple Store for sale. The £ 8 (approx. 9 million) costing device you plug your iPhone at the bottom, then you have a micro-USB cable can connect. These can then be used not only to your iPhone to charge, but also for him to synchronize with a PC or Mac.
Since the adapter is offered it is not clear whether he will be bundled iPhone 4S. Because the charge via a universal micro-USB charger a demand from the EU, it would be remarkable to see Apple using a small amount of customer requests.


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