Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPod Nano: the new firmware is available!

On second thought, one of the most interesting news from the Keynote last night, it is obviously the arrival of a new iPod Nan o. Well, not really ... Let's say what a pleasure to a lot of people, it is above the price drop of the latter. For indeed, the Nano is available through the Apple Store from $129 against $149 for the previous model. Cool, but good news never comes alone because Apple has also deployed the new firmware of its digital music player pocket, a firmware is obviously available on the old iPod Nano!

And the question you might ask, is to know what actually brings the new firmware . Well actually not much more than the last. You will still manage your music library at your fingertips, it always incorporate Genius, you can always enjoy the integrated FM radio and it will always be possible to spend with the Fitness application. All with the Voice Over two displays and mono sound for those who have a disability.
No, the real news (well if I'm not mistaken) is ... the integration of several clock models .Anyway this is where the guys from the bitten apple insisted last night. Knowing a handful of Geeks using the small portable devices such as shown (with an accessory that goes well) , we understand the whole point of the thing, eh. Apart from that, and well it should probably be two or three other novel aspects of the firmware. Innovations such as:
  • A slightly different interface.
  • New "works" in the Fitness application.
  • 18 themes for the clock.
  • 3 more wallpapers.
Okay, it's not much, but we will not spit, right?  


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