Friday, September 23, 2011

Next generation iPhone Launch on the 13th of October?

It is expected at the time that their next Apple iPhone on October 4th and we will present all still puzzled as to whether we will get an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S to face. We have already had a reported statistic , has summarized the various periods of time between the announcement and publication of the previous devices. Nevertheless, Apple has not held this year on old traditions and therefore could really happen.

After the possible date for the Apple event on October 4th there is now the first clue when the new iPhone will come on the market. The page GottaBeMobile has received a tip about the early renewals of AT&T. It was shown that the tipster and a customer of AT&T on 13.10.2011 at a discounted discount can get an iPhone. However, the actual contract extension to 17 November set. This could be a first sign that Apple wants to bring that day to the next generation of the iPhone on the market.

This procedure is typically performed by different operators in order not to lose their customers a new iPhone announcement. Therefore, the above date could really represent the launch of the new Apple smartphone. Furthermore, would the 13 October very well fit into the scheme from Apple, because this day is a Thursday which was used as with previous sales launch date. Even the iPhone 4 was brought on a Thursday on the market.

Whether this date is really true, we will soon learn. Time will tell whether the rumor is true.


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