Friday, September 23, 2011

uTorrent: Share on Android, iPhone, iPad, PS3 and Xbox 360

This is a story that is sure to interest all those who still live in a free country and do not have to deal with stupid laws, draconian and dangerous. For indeed, the team responsible for the development of uTorrent has just added a feature to its very interesting tool, a feature that will allow you to share downloaded content on your Android device on your iPhone on your iPhone on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360! No need to transfer films or episodes of their favorite shows, then you win a lot of time.

No need to go through a third party tool to recover its latest downloads in your living room, everything will now happen directly in uTorrent and it's frankly a major innovation, especially as uTorrent will deal eventually convert all your files in a format readable on your device.Knowing that the mobile shelves running Google Android is not able to read all video formats and it is also the same for iDevices, we can say that this is a sacred asset . Asset which will, however, restricted to those who opted for the premium version of the application. At the same time, we understand, eh.
So of course it is possible now to test this feature. Just go to this address and click on the link that goes to download and install the latest version of the program. However, be careful because it is only compatible with Windows for now. Also, remember that networks bittorrent and emule are closely watchedIf you do not wish to receive a letter from the Hadopi, it would be better to settle for download free of copyright works. For the rest, for sure, these networks is highly undesirable.


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