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Exclusive interview with Chronic Dev Team p0sixninja and iOPK

Joshua Hill, better known as p0sixninja, twenty-six years old and just finished his presentation about hacking Apple's iDevices on MyGreatFest. Next to him sits iOPK, the older webmaster of the Chronic Dev Team. Together they represent the team on the first jailbreak MyGreatFest event in London. In this interview we read what the Chronic Dev-team exclusively on behalf iPhoneclub have asked in response to previous questions in the comments on our site and on Twitter.

The background of the Chronic Dev Team

My first question for the hackers of the Chronic Dev Team is how they themselves in the jailbreak community have fallen and how the team has been established. "My girlfriend broke up and I got an iPhone," joked p0sixninja apparently, "but that it is gone." From childhood, p0sixninja been interested in hacking and technology found in the jailbreak community a place that accepted him and took in. iOPK comes from Australia indicates that initially the IRC to have gone looking for information about unlocking the original iPhone and this way come in contact with his future teammates. At that time, the competing iPhone Dev Team have built up some knowledge on jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. This knowledge, the hackers of the Chronic Dev Team is gradually internalized by people like George Hotz (geohot) and David Wong (planet being) to talk on IRC. The team has come organically, with like-minded people on IRC helped each other and slowly into a close group of ten friends grew.
 The team has since been required setbacks. This is evident if my question about the highs and lows of the team answered without reference to a single climax. "The worst are the leaks" p0sixninja says, "I do not recall that the jailbreak was not leaked - it happens every time."iOPK confirms this and adds on to say that the jailbreak only shared with people they trust and that the leaking of a jailbreak so destructive to the trust: "Everyone is a suspect." The leak of jail breaks that are shared with other hackers in the jailbreak community and distrust that result from both sides arises is the primary reason that Chronic Dev Team iPhone Dev Team is not in the foreseeable future together will be.
Within the team everyone has their own task. This focus and p0sixninja pod2g primarily on the low-level hacking iDevices iOPK and manages the website. Westbaer focuses on the iPhone side, for example, was responsible for the loader of greepois0n. Until recently did chpwn (Grant Paul) the graphics but after a disagreement, the team once again looking for someone who is the graphical portion of the jailbreak tool will assume. After draining the Shatter-exploit, the team has regrouped and even the team members can access only the parts relevant to their duties strictly necessary. Thus, only members who are actually involved in the hacking of Apple's iDevices have access to exploits, where everything previously in a large drop box was shared with each other.

The future of the Chronic Dev Team

To the extent the money required for the jailbreak iDevices affect the jailbreak community, responds iOPK that their jobs could not do without the financial element: "During the first two years we have all paid by yourself, for minimum donations ". Now they no longer feasible p0sixninja said, "we must invest in our servers that cost say $ 500 a month to conduct a free product that can accommodate more than one million users." In addition, the hackers have several iPhones, iPod touch and iPads, many of whom in the heat of battle perished. "I'm pretty crazy things with my iDevices - even if I bring them to Apple, they have no idea what is wrong with it" laughs p0sixninja. In addition to that there are still many months and thousands of man hours worked must be a jailbreak to produce. "It's not about us making money, but to cover our costs," stresses iOPK.
The increasing costs associated with keeping the jailbreak whatsoever relating to the creation of the security Chronic Dev LLC, which was announced on MyGreatFest. "But we also wanted something drop that encourages talent in the community, to prevent people like comex disappear," says iOPK. "If we could do them an offer, they may remain within the community."The hope is that revenues will grow more and more and the difference between revenues and costs back into the community will be invested. P0sixninja points out that "if we have someone like Stefan Esser in order to be able to hire us to look for a kernel exploit, the months not care at the release date of a jailbreak."
The company will be the hackers with their service in the short term mainly on mobile phones, since this category of devices in the United States an exception to the strict DMCA legislation. When I asked if she sometimes worried about their legal position p0sixninja concise answer: "all the time." "We would also like to focus on consoles if it was legal, but we do not want to be sued" he still stand. The situation after the next scheduled review of the exceptions to the DMCA may be different and the hackers are also planning to use their company make further efforts that the exception to the DMCA wider than will be interpreted. According p0sixninja, Apple has so far been relatively very kindly. "Many of the Apple engineers can appreciate our work, but management has a problem with our work." The moderate negative position towards the jailbreak Apple community is still under p0sixninja irony, "at our age and our position were Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs may have done the same."

The composition of the jailbreak community

Last year left geohot, the creator of the jailbreak purplera1n, blackra1n limera1n and the jailbreak community after he was harassed constantly for more and faster jailbreak and unlocks to give. A few weeks ago left the comex hacker, who was responsible for the last two versions of, the jailbreak community to Apple training run. Since then placed muscle nerd, the most prominent member and the driving force behind the iPhone Dev Team, a picture of a t-shirt that says "I visited the Apple campus. But that's all I'm allowed to say. "
When asked how the Chronic Dev Team a great exodus in the future of the jailbreaking community sees p0sixninja replies that he is actively working towards the more hackers iOS jailbreak community to gain. "A number of hackers are interested and want to help. I just think they need more details, but that's tricky because in the interest of future jail breaks as much to keep secret and therefore not much to publish. " The hacker expects the jailbreak community is likely to change much in terms of the people who comprise it and the methods used, but is still not worry about it.
For users who are also hacking iDevices would like to pay p0sixninja still has a few tips: "It's mainly the necessary experience - you just have to do and the more you do it, the better you get ". Saurik also the creator of Cydia, stressed during his presentation at MyGreatFest the importance of "just doing a lot of" what programming is concerned. "Much of what you should do a jailbreak to develop has not been done before and therefore no one can ask, but you have to find someone else to do," says p0sixninja. More specifically for hacking iDevices especially the low level area of ​​interest, which particularly thorough knowledge of C and Assembly can help. To actually a jailbreak comes out to make hacking a lot to look next, making it extremely difficult for a jailbreak to achieve without the help of a team. The success of a team, according p0sixninja mainly depends the right people to get together.

The development of future jail breaks

During the event MyGreatFest announce the Chronic Dev Team at an advanced stage with the jailbreak of iOS 5. This jailbreak will originate in userland and use a link in a record five different exploits. A userland-jailbreak is generally easy to perform, but the dependence of vulnerabilities that can be easily patched by Apple, such a jailbreak is generally short lived. In the most recent versions of userland-jailbreak comex developed by Apple released within 10 days after the release of the jailbreak a new firmware version for this patch.
Any exploit that would be based on the boot rom for iDevices with the A5-chip can not be patched by Apple. My most pressing question during the presentation of the Chronic Dev Team had remained unanswered, was whether the hackers are actively working on the boot rom based jailbreak and thereby have made progress. "None of our previous tricks to the boot rom to dump work on the A5," says p0sixninja, although the methods that the team never used before in the A4 have been announced. "The current status is that we're still working to dump the boot rom, but I did recently in discussions with other security experts gained some good ideas that are still to be realized." In the short term the emphasis is on developing the userland-jailbreak, because the vulnerabilities that will be used (as opposed to the boot rom) in the mean at any time could be patched by Apple.


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