Sunday, September 18, 2011

White iPhone 4S model Appeared in AT&T system?

Engadget  published an article about the white iPhone 4S model found in the AT&T system.The tipster has Engadget, send the screenshot above, there is an "iPhone Black 4S" listed.If this screenshot is actually true, Apple is already at the launch of the new iPhone's two color variants are available.The lack of indication of the capacity and the second color variant black but could clue the fact that this can only be a placeholder in the system.

Whether this notice is the fact based on an upcoming iPhone 5 decreases, we can not say exactly.But we suspect that the iPhone will be delayed a bit, and 5 are perhaps even until after the iPhone hit the market 4S.It remains very interesting in the rumor mill and hopefully we will get in the next few weeks finally concrete information from Apple.


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