Monday, September 19, 2011

The PlayStation 3 and Vita PS: better than the Wii U

Presented at the last E3, the Wii U  caught the eye of many players and this is normal since the potential of its controller are truly many. Choice, we will be able to either play on the TV, or play directly on the controller. Practice, very practical, but you should know that Sony will not be left on that side. No, the Japanese manufacturer could even double as Nintendo'sPlayStation 3 and PS Vita will allow us to do exactly the same as U Wii, and even a little better. In other words, if you hesitate to invest in small handheld console from Sony, then this is expected to push you straight into his arms.

Remote Play , you know? But if this technology is not brand new and works even with the PSP! Basically, it connects to the PlayStation 3 wireless and can read its contents so you can view photos, play videos or even listen to your music. Not bad, necessarily, particularly useful when the PlayStation 3 as a media center. And as many say that the Vita PS you can of course enjoy the same functionality. Yes, but it will also go a step further and the following will certainly not likely to give the banana to all fans of the brand.
For indeed, PS Vita will not only stream music or videos from the PlayStation 3, it can alsostream the games ... ! You read that right, friend, it will be possible to launch intensive titles like Red or Dead Redemption LA Noire to its home console and enjoy it then its handheld console. In other words, if your wife, your parents, your siblings or roommates tend to squat on TV, this solution will certainly interest you. Especially since the beautiful is doing quite well in what is said.
But that's not all. And no, the other thing nice, too, is that two players can play the same way since the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita . The example set by Sony's Little Big Planet 2 with a player who drove a plane from the handheld brand, and thus opened the way for a second player, he was stuck on his home console. Or vice versa. The best, of course, is that when this technology will be completely closed, it will be sent to all developers. In other words, we should soon see blooming titles exploiting the two consoles.
And then, of course, we will not fail to have a thought for the nice man from Nintendo who find themselves for once ... outdated before its time. Must admit, it's quite a snub to them did.Their console is not even available on the market that the competition already offers the same type of functionality


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