Sunday, September 4, 2011

BestBuy expects iPhone sale in early October

Earlier today, could you read that iPhoneclub retailer Best Buy has plans to make Apple's promotional material in stores, on October 21 . Now there is yet another leaked document, which came into the hands of Boy Genius Report . It contains information for the Best Buy Mobile Stores (BBYM) and expects that this week's announcement of the iPhone 5 will follow.

Moreover, there is mention of an iPhone for Sprint's network, the mobile network as the current provider Verizon uses CDMA technology . Such an announcement is for Americans interested, but the Best Buy document provides for the rest of the world, useful information.

Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores expect (to) sell the iPhone in May from the first week of October will start. It is not clear whether those for pre-orders or actual availability in the stores go.However, they stroke the arm: the Apple product launch and launch dates may still change. BGR of the tipster added to this that it is even possible that next week all the pre-orders start, and not until October. Earlier there were rumors that Apple on September 7 (ie next Wednesday) would organize an event. However, that date creeps closer and invitations are not sent.
The document also speaks of Best Buy Best Buy from the earlier information from which the suggestion was made ​​that the launch of the iPhone in May until late October would be on October 21 . Previously reported were from multiple sources, which is precisely the claim that advance sales of the iPhone on 5 October 7 starts, which in turn corresponds to the new information.


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