Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apple's investigators pose as police officers?

The story of the iPhone prototype is always oblique and complex. There are now more detailed information about the incident and I will not deny, of course.

As first reported by SF Weekly , has been known that Apple have the investigators during the search for the iPhone prototype posing as police officers to search the Bernal Heights home of Sergio Calderon. A family member has communicated have shared that at least three members of the investigative teams showed their brands.

For as we have in a previous articles reported, the San Francisco Police Department has no registration for use. Sergio Calderon was classified as a suspect, who has found the iPhone 5 prototypes in the bar and probably should have sold on Craigslist for $ 200. In addition, police have received no further information about the missing prototype of Apple. So far, so there was no cooperation between Apple and the Department.

As mentioned above, allegedly the home of the six investigators searched Calderon's and one of them was confirmed as an Apple employee named Anthony Colon. Oddly, Anthony Colon was previously employed by the police of San Jose, he probably took advantage of his old ties to "camouflage" the team as a police officer can. Because during the search showed at least three investigators and security teams have their brands posing as police officer.

In the original article from CNET, it was reported that the team was allowed to search the house and Sergio's computer to get information about the lost iPhone. Because supposedly the iPhone up to his house was followed by Apple.

If the security team have really spent as members of the SFPD and Sergio reimbursed an ad that will engage all people get into trouble.

According to the latest update from SF Weekly, the police now but confirmed that they have assisted the Apple security team at the house search. As hinted to another - a back and forth in history.

Police now say they did assist with the Apple security of a home search to Bernal Heights.


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