Monday, September 5, 2011

Mysterious Find my Friends option appears in icloud

A new piece of HTML code found in Apple's upcoming icloud service, which gives away that Apple is working on integration with a social network or even your own social network. The Find My Friends option once you people "follow" their back and followed. There is also an option to block people. This could indicate a combination of your contact list and followers in Twitter account that you immediately in iOS 5 can link to your profile. More likely is that it is about sharing your location.

Find my Friends was first noted in iOS 4.3 . When we found that it was a location-based service that would be tied to Apple's MobileMe service since fired. The service, which your contacts, mail and calendar sync could, would you also can share locations with others.

As icloud the direct successor of MobileMe, that intention would still persist to continue. An earlier patent drawing from Apple Find My Friends (pictured above) shows the distance next to the names, the location of friends will likely dominate the service. But many sites speculating about other possibilities of Find My Friends. The German site iPhone thinks it comes to adding friends to automatically share and synchronize photos and videos in iOS 5. That's not entirely unlikely, because in the iOS code was also said about 4.3 Photostream.
Found the code in question:


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