Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Keynote could be Unveiled on October 4 ...!

Here's some news that will please all who are tired of waiting for the iPhone 5 . For indeed, according to AllThingsD , then good old Tim Cook could present the next apple mobile firm at a special Keynote ... which could be held on October 4 ! And of course, if the next iPhone is expected to be presented at this event, it could be true for iOS 5, icloud and the new iPod Touch. iPod Touch which will also probably declined in white  but could offer the same technical characteristics as the current range.

So of course it is not there a press release from the firm itself, but rather information that comes from a "reliable source". In other words, it will wait a little for the invitation, right, and that all is not lost. That said, what can stress is that this new information is consistent with most of the rumors circulating for weeks about the iPhone 5. Of course, it is recalled that the first to have a release date instead of talking the week of September 23 to 30 , but let's not forget that Orange and SFR have more or less suggested that the next of the bitten apple mobile could reach the market on October 15.

And if the two operators are right, then it is perfectly possible that the official announcement takes place Oct. 4. In any case, it is obviously Tim Cook who will be responsible to present the next Keynote of the firm, but that does not mean that Steve Jobs will not come up on stage for us to say hello.  


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