Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How long until the New iPhone 5 is in stores?

How long before a device on the market, after Apple announced something new? According to a graph of Fortune falls at first sight is not level domains. But there is definitely a pattern. Especially with the first generation of a new device is a relatively long time between the announcement and when the device is actually in the shops. This has probably to do with it, because there is no competition and the retailers and other partners on a new product to prepare.

The graph also shows that the period becomes shorter. With the iPhone 3G, we were still 32 days to wait for the device, while the iPhone has been reduced to four 17 days. With the iPhone 2 could even shorter: only 9 days after the announcement we could already buy one. At least those who bother to fly to the U.S..
If it is true that the next iPhone on October 4 is announced, we ten days later (around October 14) the device may already buy. A bottleneck for non-Americans is that Apple should have all round with the local operators. That there are more and more lately. Analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga, however, thinks that the alignment of all 228 operators around the world this time will go faster than the iPhone 4. He also thinks that China will play an important role in the rollout of the new iPhone.


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