Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google + iOS for getting video chat in upcoming update Hang Outs

Google announced today hangouts for the smartphone. Hang Outs to your desktop, you could have video chats with your friends, but now it on your own smartphone. Android users (from 2.3) can today already use it.An update for the iPhone and iPod touch application will be available soon according to Google.

Besides Hang Outs Google introduces Google + countless other improvements. So it is now easier to draw someone to ask someone to add a conversation. This can be done in a remark or a new update plus sign, followed by the name of the person typing (for example iPhoneclub +). Also you can update the useful comments and rate it an instant.
Another important change is that Google + now available to everyone. You have no invitation from another user's need. In the next iOS update the Huddle (Google's chat client) can be replaced by Messenger. In Messenger will also be new opportunities for group discussions, such as sharing photos with each other.
Google has not disclosed when the iOS update available. Perhaps the company still awaits approval from Apple


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