Wednesday, August 24, 2011

XBMC to support Airplay in the Future

XBMC will in the future will support AirPlay , the wireless streaming technology from Apple. It is still not possible to XBMC music from an iPhone or iPhone into a device to control XBMC, but it is on its way. The required code for audio and video will play come from another open source media project Boxee . Boxee code is already included in an experimental version of XBMC, but this solution is not working. What remains to be added is support for AirPlay.
Since last January, the open source media player for use XBMC on Apple's iPhone, iPhone and second generation Apple TV. It is a full install XBMC and not just a client-server implementation, as was the case with Plex . The XBMC media player is capable of hardware decoding of 1080p and even 720p HD videos. With scripts, it was already possible to experimentally using AirPlay, but sat the standard support is not yet. XBMC, formerly Xbox Media Center, was originally intended as media software for the console but is now known to have various platforms.


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