Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WSJ: Sprint to Get the iPhone 5 in mid-October

We have already passed in September and early October to hear, but also in the middle of October is now on the list of potential publication dates for the iPhone 5. It claims the U.S. Wall Street Journal in an article that confirms that the iPhone carrier Sprint gets 5. They would have heard from sources familiar with Apple's plans.

At the time of writing, Sprint is not an iPhone. A dilemma for the provider, as the only U.S. carriers that are overshadowing the company AT&T and Verizon, both of which are Apple's iPhone offering. Sprint managed to distinguish itself in recent years by a growing 4G network to offer. May as well get the iPhone Sprint, for this reason would also go hand in hand with the rumors of a 4G iPhone. Something we in the Netherlands in the first place to have little, because it accelerated network still not fully deployed.
May an iPhone in the middle of October, according to the Wall Street Journal is not good for Apple. In this way just because they miss the end of Apple's fiscal year end of September. Anything that adversely affects the annual figures of the company.  The iPhone 5 itself still needs to be unveiled by Apple. Before have been rumors over, claiming that the device has a larger screen and get a new rear.


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