Monday, August 22, 2011

Apple is testing LTE iOS 5

Earlier this week we have also reported that Apple is the first 4G LTE-enabled iPhones can be tested by various providers. We have referred to an "internal IOS version" of one of the largest mobile partner of Apple. In this version was a so-called "property list" file (. Plist) available specific to LTE.

Middle of the week was a first published photo , which showed how LTE hardware into a larger Apple Store has been installed. In addition, a job offer for LTE Engineers found on the Internet, and Apple has so completely put the rumors to the boil. The assumption of an LTE-capable iPhone iPad 3 or 5 are always stronger.

Now the same LTE was plist file in the last 5 Developer IOS versions detected. The plist file is found only in some versions (GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 iPad 2) and could be related to the internal "Field Test" application related. The "Field Test" application gathers several log files from the various LTE Engineers who carry out a complete field testing of LTE various connections in the United States. Thus, the signal strengths from iPhone 5 or iPad 3 is tested with LTE 4G.

Therefore, could the above mentioned "internal IOS version," according to the general iOS 5 developer version.

At present in condensed form the rumor that Apple intends to integrate the technology into their future LTE IOS devices, but it is relatively unwarscheinlich the Apple iPhone with this step even dare 5. Because Apple is apparently not satisfied with the first generation of LTE chipsets, the various compromises bring. One of the massive compromises that Apple will not go into is the high power consumption of the significant moment chipsets and the associated battery.

The LTE chipset favored by Apple could be the next Qualcomm MDM9615, which was announced in February and will reportedly be produced in late 2011. A leaked roadmap Qualcomm 2011-2011 showed that the release will take place from the MDM9615 in the second quarter of 2012 and will be installed in the iPhone 6.

By the above arguments, it is more likely that Apple LTE chipsets until the next iPhone iPad 3 and block 6 is. Because at this time is the new generation of chipsets available and would not carry so many compromises.

Apple is now testing in a large field test the first LTE devices (iOS 5), but they probably will not publish before 2012. Thus, the providers have enough time to adapt their infrastructure to the new technology standard and further.


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