Monday, August 22, 2011

iPhone 5 Prototype Battery Part

In the absence of an image of a prototype of an iPhone 5, the images of components that can equip it multiply on the web . It is even possible to order some of them on this site .

Among the documents obtained, the most interesting perhaps for the battery. MacRumors has obtained a photograph of an extremely advanced prototype, since DVT stage, the last stage before the start of production.

If this picture is genuine (and this seems to be the case), there would be no major differences between the batteries of the iPhone 4 and 5: 5.25 kWh for the current model against 5.3 kWh for one that should find refuge in the iPhone 5.

This slight excess is not significant enough to have a significant impact on battery life . If the battery is not really more powerful, Apple can still make a difference by using components less energy ...


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