Monday, August 29, 2011

Cydia: 30 tweaks of the Year in video

The iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices are cool, yes, but they still have a default size: their lack of openness. For the fact is that the bitten apple does everything in its power to keep hold of iOS , and thus our iDevices. It's an understandable choice, certainly, but nonetheless very annoying to strength. Fortunately for us, there is an alternative: Cydia . And if you have not yet crossed the line, then the following video is likely to push you to go and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the A6.

For indeed, friends, it is not less than 30 tweaks that are presented in this incredible video. Some tweaks to help you better you realize what he can do with Cydia. So of course we will not list them all in this article (should not be messing around anyway) , but we're still going to stop on those who have most caught the eye:

  • Infiniboard: to add new rows of icons.
  • InfiniDock: same concept, but for the dock.
  • MultiConMover: to move multiple icons.
  • AlphaCon: to add transparency to certain elements.
  • GridLock: allows you to place icons anywhere we want.
  • CyDelete: allows you to easily remove Cydia applications.
  • FlipOver: off the screen when the iDevice is turned down.
  • Pull to Refresh Safari reloads a web page on how to Twitter.
  • Barrel: adds a different visual effect to screen changes.
  • Double Tap Open to: all is in the title.
  • Page Names: naming the different home screens.
  • iSwipe: a keyboard like you've never dreamed of.
  • Icon Renamer: rename the icons.

The list is not exhaustive so please feel free to watch this video to discover other beads. Well, there are many applications "gadget", true, but some of them are truly worth. In my case, anyway, if I were to mention even if only one application, it would necessarily Installous is evil but as we will avoid too much talking. You never know, the Tim Cook might be tempted to unleash his hounds on me ...

Why, otherwise, if you also have other applications that you can not do without, it would be nice to share them with us. Especially if they are cool as video, of course ...


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