Monday, August 29, 2011

Comex Stops Working On Jailbreak

Nicholas Allegra, known as Comex jail breaker, go to Apple internship . Consequently, many people were wondering if he still can continue JailbreakMe, the jailbreak method which he discovered the exploit. Unfortunately, Comex is not going to have a further contribution to future jail breaks. Also he will not stay long at Apple, because he wants to finish his education. Before that he at least have some money saved, because in a Q & A session revealed that Comex now $ 55,000 in donations received. The questions session contains other interesting info.

This is how Comex on whether Apple is not too many ideas from the jailbreak scene steals into IOS process. His position is clear: the jailbreak community brings many ideas and gives a sloppy performance. Apple polished features become part of the OS. Whether they are copied from Comex jailbreak apps can not really care. Comex would think that Apple will fight hard to enter the competition. And he hopes that someone will figure out a jailbreak method when IOS five officially available, because even though there Comex do not contribute more to deliver the new firmware comes out he wants a normal user would still like its iPhone jailbreak remain.
The Q & A session is available on Reddit .


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