Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Copic: iPhone tweak the Allow to see contacts pictures anywhere

Copic is a Cydia iPhone tweak that will allow you to display the photo of your contacts anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, and also compatible with your iPhone 2. Whether in Contacts in your favorites or in the SMS, Copic will show the contact picture.

Of the same ilk as Cyntact,, Copic will add their photos to your contacts, but the tweak does not stop there, it will also add the photo of your contacts in your SMS application and in the public phone

Go to search Copic cydia is available on the BigBoss directory and install it.

In the Settings menu, find the settings options Copic. Where you will be able to choose where you want to have the photo of your contacts display.

Find the picture of your contacts when you are in the SMS application, which adds even more charm to your message queue and increases the visibility that can sometimes be clutter.

Whether your contacts in your Favorites or over recent calls, Copic will add the photo of contacts with one.

Copic gives a little more clarity to iPhone owners who let their son calls and their son of messages. It's always nice to see the photo of his contacts without having to enter his personal details.

Copic is available on the BigBoss repo for $ 1.29 and Copic is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, but also the iPad iPad 2


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