Monday, August 15, 2011

4G LTE iPhone being tested by Carrier

It is rumored that the iPhone 5 could be unveiled next month, although no one has any idea when that exactly is what will bring this new device, thanks to so many rumors that have been shot and that we have given you to know, since the possibilities are endless, including patents and other much we can imagine about the upcoming iPhone .

Many may have an idea of ​​how would look the same, what is seen is the constant request because the device comes with support for LTE technology through 4G networks, but is not yet confirmed, the iPhone 5 could bring this support, and carriers are already testing the iPhone 4G technology LTE.
BGR has obtained evidence of an internal IOS one of the largest carriers of Apple showing a firmware (. plist) dedicated to LTE, now does not mean that the device that Apple will unveil next month brings a kind of embed LTE modem, but if it means that Apple is working on it and not sitting and watching as this evolves, at the time Apple releases a 4G LTE device that would give more life-long iPhone battery, then the evidence found.


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