Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steve Jobs Biography Set for November

There are over a year now, a biography of Steve Jobs himself had been authorized. The man who was able to use his pen to tell the path of the Apple CEO is not unknown as this is Walter Isaacson. The former head of the famous publishing magazine  TIME  has been receiving the honor of writing his paper, not alone but accompanied by the person in question. In other words, Jobs is not innocent in what is said in this book with many pages, although it will discover the final edition at the same time as us.


Isaacson did not turn their thumbs when posting, being based on a large catalog of interviews given by both the CEO of Apple by remarks collected from close to it. A reading which may therefore be attractive with rich content spread over no less than 448 pages. So it would act as a perfect bedside book.
In short, the book is called "  Steve Jobs: A Biography "(the first was conceived as  iSteve: The Book of Jobs ) will be released November 21 this year. Americans are already on pre-order on the website of American bookseller Barnes & Noble.


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