Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 4G LTE in the Apple Store

Many Apple Store come with 3G equipment that support telephone networks within the crowded shops. Several sources in the United States, these facilities are being replaced by their equivalent 4G LTE.

An equipment 4G LTE AT & T installed.
Engadget has received an anonymous source reports that AT & T stations 4G LTE were installed in an Apple Store "important." These terminals bear bands 700 MHz and AWS, the latter being the band's traditional T-Mobile, being acquired by AT & T. 9to5 Mac bounces on this information, stating that the equipment Verizon have also been replaced by versions 4G LTE .
"What for? "That is the question. The rumor of an iPhone next-gen 4G LTE compatible gradually weakened, to be heard again a few days ago. The development of 4G LTE network is currently limited in Europe even more than in the U.S. - or we remember that Apple was not the first iPhone with a 3G chip because of the instability American nascent 3G network.


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