Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPhone users are outgoing, and wealthy travelers

iPhone users are more outgoing than users of Android phone.  It is not we who proclaim but the site that reveals the information, after doing some very surprising and very little scientific the personality of the phone owners, as they are at Apple or at Android.On the menu, 70 000 users who have had their portraits, and a third that has an iPhone, 21% against an Android Phone.

What are the differences, or salient features in these different users, questioned the site.
Results: Users of iPhone, brace yourself, more urban, liberal, wealthy, extravagant,extroverted , traveling (outside the United States), often uses a Mac and automatically hangs up on telephone solicitation. In short, it is definitely cool.

The user of Android is more conservative, less easy, little trip outside the United States, uses a PC and listen through the telephone canvassers without mercy. In short it is has-been.

Yet if this study is not a very great interest, it has the advantage of showing that in many cases, iPhone users do not have a single Apple product and that of the Apple computer is often connected to it via USB cable!


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