Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Sales of new iPhone will start on October 7, pre-orders end of September

Apple plans to Friday, 7 October to sell the new iPhone launch. That would be multiple sources across 9to5Mac declared. For a long time, almost everyone agrees that the new device in September on the market, but now seems increasingly likely release in October.

Apple also plans to advance to the next iPhone to keep it at the end of September. The dates mentioned are Thursday 29 and Friday, September 30, the latter is currently the most likely would, said one source. This latter fact is interesting in another respect. It would mean that Apple will hold an event in September to officially introduce the new iPhone, as so far with all iPhones happened.
According to an earlier rumor, Apple has on 7 September to organize an event. This rumor was refuted, however, the same day. Until now, Apple is always an event in September to introduce new iPods, because of the upcoming holiday period (where iPods are traditionally given gifts). This year it is expected that the fall event will be the theme of the new iPhone, iOS 5 and the free storage service icloud. When the traditional autumn event will take place, or do not 9to5Mac.
The website also allows the center to the new iPhone it is. According to rumors, Apple this fall is not one but two new iPhones want to introduce: a regular update to the iPhone probably will be named May and a cheaper model to replace the iPhone 3G.
According to information available 9to5Mac would have to produce the new device is currently well. The website warns, however, that nothing one hundred percent certain, certainly not from Apple. So it is possible and according to 9to5Mac even "probable" that the dates be moved.


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