Sunday, July 3, 2011

Windows 7 Phone Mango: The beta is available!

It's all Google+ mistake since it held all my free time. That said, the search giant was not the only one talking to him. No, Microsoft has also taken advantage of the calm before the summer to launch the first beta of Windows Phone 7 Mango . A beta that is primarily intended for developers.  So if you want to see what awaits you, everything is in on!

In a sense, Mango is not an update like the others. This is actually a new version of the mobile platform of Microsoft , which has been completely redesigned for the occasion. Of course, the innovations introduced by Mango are many, we will not list them all in this article, but that overall improvements 10 The most notable of the platform:

  • Multitasking: Pressing for a few seconds the key "return", we can show the various applications running in the form of vignettes stuck together on a horizontal axis. It just press the stamp of our choice to switch from one application to another.
  • Camera: With Mango, it is possible to save the settings for our shots. Same thing, we can access a tool that will ensure automatic correction to adjust the brightness or the exposure of our photos. However, it seems we can not manually access the controls and it is frankly bad.
  • Voice guidance in Bing in Maps: We've already talked a lot but the next version of Windows 7 Phone is an opportunity for Microsoft to launch a brand new Bing Maps Mobile that can be used as GPS, which will further recognize the command voice. Same thing, through a partnership with Yellow Pages, you can also see all the businesses located near our position.
  • Integration of social networks: With Mango, our social networks will be implemented in all applications of the platform. They can be found in our contacts, our photos and even in our calendar. For now, only Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live will be supported but the company will certainly not likely to expand this list as and when.
  • Tile personal: Going through his personal tile, the user will now be able to post a message on Facebook or a "checker" where it is located.
  • Contacts: All functions concerning contacts will also benefit from a significant update. We can comment directly on the status of a friend but you can choose to group especially the latter in focus groups that will enable us to send emails grouped, mass SMS and much more.
  • Posts: Hub "message" will still send text messages but also to contact our friends on Twitter, Facebook or Windows Live Messenger. Interestingly, each of our conversations, it is possible to visualize the network used to communicate with them. We can then start a discussion via SMS and finish on Facebook without having to switch applications. Note also that it will be possible to use our phone's microphone to dictate our messages.
  • Mails: With Mango, our emails will (finally) grouped into conversations. We may also combine different boxes in a single interface and access to all exchanges conducted with our contacts in their history.
  • Agenda: The agenda will also benefit from saving a facelift. It will include events and Facebook / Windows Live (such as birthdays) but we can also view the dates of school holidays or manage tasks from the same interface.
  • Internet Explorer 9: Again, the browser built into the platform will benefit from a major overhaul. In addition to support HTML 5 and CSS 3, it will allow the user to manage more precisely its history and tabs. However, Flash will still not be in the game.
After, there are also other features that may improve our daily mobile users. The most obvious, from my point of view, the new battery saver that will allow your phone to disable certain functions automatically when the battery is almost dry. Casually, when you're on the go and you do not close our magazine, it is rather interesting. Same also for the support of WiFi networks hidden and dynamic tiles . In many ways, Mango does not really lack charm and I can not wait to be able to enjoy it on my HTC Mozart.


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