Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Pic3D" transform your iPhone screen to a 3D display without Glasses

A Japanese company called Global Wave took advantage of the show 3D & VIRTUAL REALITY EXPO 2011, held in Tokyo last week to present its latest technology in 3-D vision. Indeed, it has developed a special film called " Pic3D "can turn any LCD screen in a 2D 3D display without glasses additionalPic3D presents itself as a protective film that is glued on his iPhone and iPad. The difference is that the film consists of a lenticular screen that can provide a 3D vision.

The proposed method still requires the installation of an application for free on the AppStore for the display to make it compatible with the filter. Indeed the technology is based on the format Side By Side. A special format that displays two images next to each other and that the filter will collate. Technology that is already used on youtube. 
According to the manufacturer's filter provides a visual perception with a nice field of vision of about 120 degrees. The company plans to begin marketing the first leaves in August, with a range of prices ranging from $ 25 for smaller models tailored to the iPhone up to $ 186 for the films of 23 inches. 
Pic3D is clearly positioned as a new tool take advantage of a 3D display on iDevices of Cupertino. This is a workaround until Apple includes its own technology without glasses on the Retina Display screens.


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