Sunday, July 3, 2011

How Turn your iPhone into Remote Control with BlinQ

There are several ways to turn your iPhone into a remote control but not for $10. BlinQ is a new adapter which you can get for that cost, the application is for free and get in the IOS App Store [link ]. By downloading the application follow the instructions to configure the Remote with your team, as the list of computers that support is quite extensive, if yours does not appear or does not work you can also communicate with them to be added to the list .

The application is not the most complete, if you compare it with the Peel Remote Logitech Harmony or believe me that is missing several things. This are all features (or most) of a control on your TV / DVD / Sound System or equipment is, it's important notes on good management team to improve the signal sent from phone to computer. The application also has guides for upcoming programs according to your pay TV provider and you can browse it to select it. Another thing is super sharp integration with Facebook that you can get.
As we read in the internet is a stick this application with the remote. I personally have not used but send for mine and I'm crazy for it to arrive. I really did not feel the need to pay $90 to turn my iPhone into a Remote Control with previous options but $10.
Download BlinQ [App Store Link]


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