Monday, July 4, 2011 the domain name is for sale

DSK after the affair ends, we have the case JailbreakMe 3.0 beginning seriously to grow.The site iJailbreak noted first that the domain name is currently for sale on the GoDaddy site (which includes the purchase of domain name or hosting solutions). At the time of this writing, amounts to $ 2,500 with 32 bids made. Obviously, we are perplexed because we know that the jailbreak (as expected) of 2 for the iPad will happen (it has been repeatedly confirmed). We even know that it will be like userland (via Mobile Safari). 

We also know that it would be hosted on, Comex, the hacker has even started teaser community.

At first glance, we can link the sale of the domain name to the leak of part of the jailbreak for the iPad 2 (which is buggy, by the way)But it turns out that it is even more complicated than that. Indeed, Comex said on Twitter that does not belong and is not the one who put it on GoDaddy. The question is therefore: Why?

For its part, reported that iH8sn0w belongs to a certain Nicholas Penree ever since the first JailbreakMe, which can activate the iPhone EDGE so officieuseuse. Every reason to believe that man has made ​​the decision to sell its legitimate site. Again the same question: Why?


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