Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google +: IOS application is awaiting validation

Already available for Android, the application of social network Google + was submitted there is little to Apple to appear on its App Store. This information was recorded on the profile of an employee of Google, Erica Joy. The wife expressed that the application is "pending validation ". It should not be long now on our iPhone. In fact, it came rather quickly, we knew that Google was planning to release a native application for iOS but we did not know she was already in the furnace .We imagine therefore a release date by two weeks.

Remember, Google + is the new social network in the fashion of Google. The company currently offers its service to individuals. The user can take advantage of his side but will get an invitation from someone already registered. Be careful though, Google opens and closes his invitation service whenever they want. If one day the opportunity presents itself to you, please, go for it!


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