Thursday, July 28, 2011

Suspected pictures of 'cheap' leaked iPhone 4S

There remain only rumors emerge about the new iPhone. Yesterday after a case of the iPhone 5 leaked and there was morning news about a possible launch date was, there are now once again rumors about a new iPhone. This time it would be a replacement for the iPhone 3G as a cheap version of the iPhone. This iPhone 4S would simultaneously launch the iPhone 5. The Vietnamese website Tinhte hand claims to have obtained the photos from a new iPhone 4S.

The photographs show many similarities to the current iPhone 4. On the back is no model number or other data normally do on an iPhone stand.This may indicate a prototype of an iPhone is not launched in April as an iPhone. According to the person who placed the photos are the glass plates on both sides of the iPhone for two plastic plates to replace the iPhone cheaper and lighter.
The photos show the front and back of the iPhone. It is also clear that the iPhone is jailbroken.The design is identical to the current iPhone, which is in line with earlier rumors about a cheaper iPhone 4s, the design is no different than the current iPhone.
How legitimate is the source remains a question. Previously managed the site to show pictures of the current iPod touch , long before it became available. The website also managed to show the new MacBooks were launched before it, complete with packaging. On the other hand, the source claimed earlier to have a new version of IOS to demonstrate multi-tasking in the style of exposition. However, this was an old test build to iOS 4[via AppleInsider]


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