Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The uPcoming iPhone 5 Design Revealed

The effect of the novelty had dissipated around Lion, the Macbook Air and Mac mini, the rumor mill surrounding the iPhone 5 may resume. This is the English site MobileFun glue in it this time with the traditional template for the manufacturer of covers for iPhone.


We take this information with a grain of salt, but it should be noted that the secrets of Apple have often been betrayed by the props: the templates for the achievement of covers and cases were often a source of revelation. MobileFun here has received a 3D view of what would be the next iPhone by a manufacturer, as well as to what could be a cover for the upcoming iPhone by another manufacturer.


If one believes these documents, the iPhone is actually five different iPhone 4, with a rounded back while recalling the iPhone 3G . As we have often heard, the screen extends from one side to the other device, to move to 4 "without enlarge the iPhone itself. Underneath the home button was replaced by an elongated touch-sensitive area that would like on smartphones HP / Palm, to achieve a number of actions.
The other buttons have been rearranged: the volume control buttons are on one side, the silent mode switch on the other. The first diagram seems to suggest an opening in the logo: it may be that the Apple logo is the only plastic part of the back, and then focus antennas, like the iMac, for example . All of these elements seems pretty faithful to the design of the iPhone 5 had traced the site This is my next in April


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